OPPO Find X Is Leading the Smartphone Industry as It Has Always Been


As we all know, OPPO is a leading global smartphone brand. Not just because it has ranked 4th place according to IDC in 2017, but because it has always been one step ahead of all the other brands ever since entering the smartphone industry back in 2017. OPPO has been excelling in both technology and designs throughout the years. It has surprised us ever since its official declaration of entering the smartphone scene with their X903 back in 2018. And today, other companies are copying OPPO’s sleek design solutions after ages of everyone copying Apple’s iPhones.


Shortly after OPPO released its latest addition to the family, OPPO Find X, other phones such as were obviously giving the exact same solutions. FIND X uses the sliding structure that completely disguises the cameras within the phone. When not in use, the cameras are hidden, providing a sleek and uniform exterior. On the other side, when activated, the camera pops open! Huawei’s Honor Magic 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 came out offering the same notch sliding screen solution only two months after the release of the Find X.

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Adding to its futuristic specs, the Find X’s panoramic design comes in two gradient color combinations, bordeaux red and glacier blue. In alignment with the 3D shape of the body, the gradient effects at all four sides allow the color to flow like water and shine like a crystal gem. To accomplish this moving gradient effect, OPPO used an advanced 3D streamer layering technique. The phone’s body simply delivers a moving deep visual experience with the overlaying colors, superior texture, coating, and all. The Find X has a Panoramic Arc Screen, meaning that the moment the screen lights up, we see that the front face of the phone is almost all-screen.


Moreover, the well-known VOOC flash charging technology gets a revolutionary upgrade with Find X. Now, the cell phone battery can be fully charged in only 35 minutes! There are even many safety advantages in comparison to traditional VOOCs, with five protections, including low temperature and low voltage, which ensures a fast and safe charge. And of course, all these impressive functions require support from a strong AI chip. Find X is powered by a Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform with Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine, which provides a solid hardware foundation.

WE SAID THIS: Way to go, OPPO!

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