Scoop’s Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Fitness Gift Ideas for Your Gym-Obsessed Buddy!

Christmas is right around the corner. If you’re doing Secret Santa this year, and the name that you picked happened to be an absolute gym junkie, then you’re in luck. The perfect Christmas gift doesn’t come easy, but have no fear! Scoop has 10 ideas that you can choose from for all your fitness-obsessed buddies.

Gym bag

First of all, if your health fanatic of a friend doesn’t have a gym bag yet, then what are they really doing? Show them you believe in them and get them one.

Fitness tracker

That gift is sort of on the high-end of the price scale, but its importance is just as high for your gym rat. With that smartwatch, if you might call it, they can track their well-being and achieve their goals.

Yoga mat

The yoga mat is not just for yogis. It’s a must-have for all jocks for stretching and even pushups! Everyone needs the stability of a yoga mat.

Skipping rope

This is not just for children to play with in their backyards. Jumping rope works out all muscles, so your friend would definitely feel supported and heard.

Resistance bands

The resistance bands are a great low-budget gift, yet their rewarded value is far greater. If they’re not using this at home, they can even pack it and take it anywhere. Talk about a portable workout piece of equipment.

Via Shape.

Slam ball

While most sporty people have gym memberships, they still need equipment available in the comfort of their homes. The slam ball can definitely be that piece of equipment that gets them moving in their bedroom.

Via Self.

Gym gloves

All sports nuts have calluses on their palms from all the weight lifting and pull-ups. You’d be doing them a favor if you got them those gloves.

Microfiber towel

The best thing about this gift is that it’s all about minimalism. Microfiber towels won’t take much room in a gym bag and they’re efficient. That gift is a go-to if your friend is all about efficiency.

Via Performa.

Cycling shorts

Comfort is essential when working muscles, and what’s better than cycling shorts? Your keep-fit buff is going to be really grateful.

Wireless waterproof earbuds

This gift can be used while working out or even on a run. It’s definitely going to come in handy with no wires restricting movement and no worries about getting electrocuted.

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