Honesty or Insecurity? How to Deal With the Toxic Impact of Inconsideration

Words, like arrows, can strike us hard and cause us pain, or they can help us move forward. Throughout our lives, we encounter people who tend to talk without thinking about what they’re saying, which might make us feel uncomfortable.

The key question here is whether inconsiderate people are only displaying their honesty or are they projecting insecurities by criticizing others? The answer to this question is self-evident, as some of these people are continually hunting for opportunities to project their authority and insecurities on others. Therefore, they have a proclivity to mock and use hurtful words, despite the fact that they are aware that their inconsiderate comments are causing harm to others.

Comments that are commonly used to characterize someone’s personality, size, or color are typically insulting and only serve to injure others who may take those words personally, causing mental health strain.

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It is critical to know how to react in these situations and avoid becoming readily engrossed in those dialogues, which simply serve to amplify negativity. When we engage in a conversation and are told words that are excessively harsh, we are likely to be greatly affected. This, in turn, wreaks havoc on our mental health and makes us feel insecure about ourselves.

Inconsiderate people can be found anywhere: at work, at home, and even among our friends. Hence, we must recognize that their potential to change is extremely doubtful, and so, we must ignore their remarks and remember who we are beneath. True, being impervious to other people’s remarks is impossible, but a degree of invulnerability can be achieved with the correct mindset, inner peace, and self-acceptance.

However, it is our responsibility to raise awareness about this specific situation in which many people are caught up in, and do not know how to react, so they remain silent and allow these words to deeply wound them. Inconsiderate people are simply individuals seeking attention and making themselves feel better by making others feel less about themselves. This is only a manifestation of their insecurities and tendency to injure others with their words. It is critical for us as a society to consider before we speak and to be cautious with our words because they can have a variety of meanings and connotations. To be identified as a polite individual capable of engaging in debates that develop creativity and intellectuality is simply a vital task that we all should strive to achieve.

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