From Bella Hadid to Khaby Lame, Here Are the Accounts Raising Awareness about Palestine

A number of celebrities/ influencers have made it their duty to explain the ongoing situation in Gaza. From Instagram to TikTok and Twitter, these public figures are using whatever platform they have to educate the public on this complex issue. Here are five accounts that are raising awareness about the situation in Palestine.

For those of you who are not up to date with the situation, in the past few days, Palestine has been under attack; at least 136 people have lost their lives since violence erupted between Israel and the Islamic political group Hamas last Monday. Initially, the unrest broke out in occupied East Jerusalem because of a court ruling that allowed Israeli settlers to force Palestinians out of their homes in the historic Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The conflict escalated after Hamas began firing rockets into Israel and the occupied territories. Israel retaliated with a number of airstrikes that has devastated Gaza.

Since then, misinformation on social media has been gaining traction, especially among outsiders, who aren’t familiar with the complex history of the issue. False rumors spreading on Facebook and Instagram had pushed those who are either biased or apolitical within the online community to blame the people of Palestine to holding onto their homes.

Fortunately, a number of Arabs, as well as non-Arab, sympathizers took to the different platforms to set the record straight. Some have even stopped posting their regular content completely and started focusing on the struggle of the Palestinian people. From celebrities to influencers, here the accounts raising awareness about Palestine and we recommend that you follow!

Bella Hadid

Subhi Taha

Trevor Noah

Khaby Lame

Farouk El Gohary

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