7 Arab Celebrities Who Challenged Social Norms With The Pixie Haircut: Can They Normalize It?

Gender is being proven over and over again to be a social construct. The ideology of men do that and women do that is becoming extinct. Nowadays, either of them can rock whichever haircut they please. While society hasn’t fully accepted that yet, we’re getting close.

Nonetheless, the judgment doesn’t stop men from growing their hair long nor women from chopping their hair off. In fact, it is believed that if a woman can cut her long hair, she can pretty much give up anything just as easily. So beware of women like that, because they are absolutely fearless.

We compiled a list of seven Arab women who proved how meaningless gender stereotypes are and have introduced the pixie haircut to the Middle East.

Yosra El Lozy

Egyptian actress Yosra El Lozy has rocked the pixie cut for a while. She totally got the face for that haircut, with her jawlines and mesmerizing eyes, she looked absolutely stunning.

Lekaa Elkhamissi

Elkhamissi’s haircut wasn’t perceived in the most positive light, especially when she would wear androgynous outfits. People who had a textbook understanding of gender would often get angry about it, but that didn’t stop her from being herself.

Deena Aljuhani

The Saudi-American businesswoman and editor rocked this haircut for almost all her adult life. While she lives in America where the pixie haircut is somewhat normalized, she’s a Saudi Princess, married into the royal family. And despite being expected to fit into a certain mold, she is challenging stereotypes with her short hair, which she wears so beautifully.

Mofida Shiha

The TV presenter is on the air almost every day. Her lovely smile and welcoming attitude had regular TV viewers hooked. The pixie haircut makes her look even more youthful. It has become part of who she is.


The singer had this haircut when she was just a young actress. She initially rocked the pixie cut in 2003, then again in 2015 and most recently in 2021, proving that the haircut is timeless.

إن شاء الله نكون مع بعض.. شيرين عبد الوهاب تروج لحفلتها في الشارقة - بوابة  الشروق - نسخة الموبايل

Menna Shalabi

The actress got people talking. Some were wondering why she chopped her hair off and some were surprised with how good she looked with her new haircut. Shalabi is definitely one of the prettiest actresses out there and the haircut did nothing but frame her face beautifully.

Yasmin Raeis

In 2011, Raeis debuted her pixie haircut in a movie, which received a lot of attention for being an out of the unordinary look for a woman to rock. Nonetheless, it was admired by many and women started cutting their hair like her. Since then, Raeis has been sporting this haircut on and off and it never went out of style.

Even though many people have cut their hair so short, it is yet to be normalized. Yet for some reason, people are still holding on to the idea that a woman’s femininity is directly correlated with the length of her hair. Some hairstylists can’t even fear cutting hair that short. People tend to forget that hairstyles and clothes are a way of self-expression. It’s not about what should and shouldn’t be done and what is appropriate or inappropriate. It’s all self-expression, which we advocate! So cut your hair, grow it out, do whatever you want, soon self-expression in all its various forms will be normalized.

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