The Empowering Movement Created By Cartier & Expo 2020 Dubai

The Women’s Pavilion officially opened yesterday in Dubai and it’s a true cause for celebration!

Cartier and Expo 2020 have teamed up to dismantle ALL misconceptions and stereotypes made against women. The purpose behind the Women’s Pavillion is to celebrate females and their significance in society.

Today, raising awareness about women’s issues has never been more important.

There Are Three Main Goals For The Event

  • Understanding the effect women have had on the world, along with all the hardships they still face until this day.
  • Celebrating all the initiatives started by women for a better future.
  • Creating a safe space for women to discuss the important issues and their vision in supporting one another for a brighter society.

At Cartier, women have always held a pivotal role, as a driving force and an endless source of inspiration. The Women’s Pavilion is an exciting new chapter in Maison’s long-standing commitment to supporting women change-makers.

Said the President and CEO of Cartier, Cyrille Vigneron.

By putting strong, successful women on pedestals and allowing them to tell their stories will have a big impact on younger women. Inspiring them to make a change and leave their own fingerprint in their own communities.

The pavilion revolves around five female superheros’ narratives:

  1. The Queen of Sheba who crossed the desert
  2. Warrior Queen Amina of Nigeria
  3. Emmeline Pankhurst who fought for women’s voting rights in the UK
  4. Ruth Ginsburg from the US
  5. UAE’s Mother of the Nation, Sheikha Fatima bin Mubarak.

The Women’s Pavilion highlights the crucial roles that women have long played as linchpins of their communities, drivers of economies and underscores Expo 2020 Dubai’s firm commitment to empowering all women to drive their own development and create a better future for us all.

Reem Ebrahim Al-Ashimy, the Director-General of Expo 2020 and UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation.

The French architect Laura Gonzalez, Kholoud Sharafi, and the French light designer Pauline David worked together on designing the structure’s top decade. When it comes to the lower part of the structure, Tunisian and France-born artist El Seed lent his works to make the structure unique. The introduction movie for the pavilion was directed by Nadine Labki, with the slogan “when women thrive, humanity thrives.” Lastly, Mélanie Laurent, the French actress and director, holds an exhibition about artistic, cultural, and social fields.

It’s great to see a female-empowering movement in the Middle East that gives them a platform to discuss openly all the issues in society. And it’s definitely not hard to draw some examples, with so many Arab women getting ahead and succeeding in all kinds of fields, from science, academia, sports, arts and all sorts of things.

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