Egyptian Politician Rasha Abu Shakra Stands With Women Against Sexual Violence

Another Egyptian woman strikes again, and we couldn’t be more proud. Another Egyptian woman strikes again, and we couldn’t be more proud. As of yesterday, Egyptian activist and politician Rasha Abu Shakra, was a member of the Coordination Committee of Parties’ Youth Leaders and Politicians, and is now officially the Deputy Head of the African Parliamentary Union’s women’s committee.

The election to select the new board member for the next two years were held yesterday, with Abu Shakra and the Mali MP being the only candidates. Abu Shakra won 80% of the votes against the Mali MP, and has been congratulated and contacted by media entities, where she discussed her future plans and shared her gratitude for a chance in making a change.

During a phone call with Egyptian media personality and TV host Ahmed Moussa, she commented on her win, saying that her main focus will be directed towards crimes of violence against women, and the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on them. This in itself itself serves as a new and unique approach to women’s issues. In addition, she will also be focusing on issues throughout Africa, and enhancing cooperation between Egypt and African nations. She also shared with Moussa that a Sudanese woman had told her after her win that she’s proud of Egypt, and started to reminisce with her about her own experience studying in Cairo.

In another interview with El Masrawy, Abu Shakra stated that she will always remain in the African Parliament to support women’s issues, emphasizing her intentions on advocating new rules and regulations to be implemented in regards to the protection of African women. In particular, major issues such as sexual harassment and violence against women. Sharing the Egyptian woman’s experience and narrative with all African countries is one of Abu Shakra’s priorities, especially as women serve a fundamental role in society and its development.

On Facebook, directed a special thanks to all the African women that trusted her and voted for her, as well as thanking the Egyptian delegation lead by Sherif El Gabali, the Chairman of the African Affairs Committee of the Egyptian parliament, and a final thanks to Amr Hendy, the Deputy of the African Affairs Committee of the Egyptian Parliament.

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