World’s Best Deaf-Mute Egyptian Football Player Ends Up as Street Vendor

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It breaks our heart every time we realize how difficult it is for this country to apprecite its athletes, scientists or physicians. Just last year, one of Egypt’s deaf and mute national football team players, Tarek El Gazzar, was named the best player in the world in Italy’s Mondial 2016, after a previous nomination in 2012.


The national football team also won 3rd place in the World Olympic Games in 2017, which according to El Gazzar was not celebrated by the country. It comes as a huge surprise to see the same player celebrated last year ending up as a street vendor in Giza.


Via Masrawy


El Gazzar was interviewed on ONsport channel and explained that there is no appreciation for athletes or sufficient financial compensation. All the player asks for is financial equality between all football players.
He added that this is his original job, before becoming a football player.  The only reason he is back to it because he is not being supported financially by his football club. His dream is simple: to meet the one and only Mohamed Salah.


Watch the unsung’s hero story below:



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