VIDEO: Parents Break into Europa Schule Kairo School Due to Rise in Fees

Via Sherif Asaad


Egyptians are not having a good time this week. A new set of prices is turning our lives upside down, and everyone is losing it. Whether it’s electricity, car gas, transportation or school supplies, social media is flooding with rants. However, this video takes it up another notch.


Facebook user, Sherif Asaad, posted disturbing photos of a damaged campus of Europe Schule Kairo. Allegedly, parents decided to break into the German school, located in New Cairo, after they failed to reach an agreement about the rise in fees. According to commenters, the situation escalated when students were suspended from the school after parents refused to submit and pay.


Parents have consistently complained that transferring their kids from Europe Schule Kairo is far from easy. The number of German schools in Cairo are very limited and they’re extremely high in demand, so most of these parents would have to end up transferring their kids to American or British international schools.


Via Sherif Asaad


Via Sherif Asaad



Watch footage of parents breaking into Europe Schule Kairo below:




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