Sama ElMasry Has a Ramadan Show and the Holy Month Is Officially Ruined

Via Sama ElMasry


Remember when our biggest Ramadan problem was Ghada Abdul Raziq’s mosalsal scripts or Maya Diab in short dresses? Guess what? Those days are long gone, along with any common sense regarding the holiest month of the year.



Sama ElMasry, Egyptian belly dancer/entertainer/singer, just announced that she will host her own TV show in a couple of months called “3oqoq ElWalideen.”  Apparently, ElMasry was asked to appear on TV with a veil but the outspoken lady refused to delude the viewers. However, she promised to wore more modestly.


Now don’t get us wrong, we love Sama ElMasry. Really, we honestly do! She is somewhere between hilarious and crazy, and she’s as entertaining as it gets. However, Miss ElMasry, my dear, we’re concerned about your show’s content more than your outfits. This is officially the must-see of 2017!


Via YouTube



WE SAID THIS: *Grabs phone and sets alarm to 3oqooq ElWalideen*


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