Mizaj Tiles: This Egyptian Brand Will Fuel Your Love for Everything Instagrammable

With Instagram taking over the minds of every millennial, it’s not surprise people are attracted to all kinds of pretty things. Be it views, walls, dishes — hell, even tiles. Yes, tiles. Ever since hashtags like #FromWhereIStand became a thing, people (and their feet) have become obsessed with beautiful tiles, and that’s where Mizaj Tiles comes into place.


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18 months ago, Egyptian best friends/business partners — Moataz El Bedeawi and Ahmed Tawfik brought the brand to life. “It all started when I stumbled upon a video that shows the process in which handmade cement tiles are created. I was inspired by the skills, the authenticity and the breathtaking end product, I watched more videos and dove into the process’s technicalities until I decided to eventually give it a shot myself,” El Bedeawi tells us how Mizaj Tiles became to exist.


Via Mizaj Tiles


Mizaj stands out because of the the way it allows its customers to create unique customized tiles. “Customers can dream big and we’ll make it happen,” El Bedeawi stresses on that fact.  “No one understands the overall concept of any home/commercial space better than the owner.”


The cement tiles created by Mizaj are world class quality that are handmade, something that is rare in that in field. “Every single detail is important,” El Bedeawi says. “Whether it’s the raw materials, pigments, colors and production process; any deficiency in one of these aspects will affect the quality of the end product.”


Via Mizaj Tiles


Believe it or not, Mizaj believe in the power of Egypt and its capability to help their brand deliver a world class product. “Our expansion plans include significant capacity increases, new market penetrations and becoming the default supplier for cement tiles. In addition, we have a pipeline of product ideas to add to our portfolio that we are currently working on.”



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