This Meal Delivery Plan Is Every Pet Owner’s Dream in Dubai

Via furchildpets


People who own pets know how important it is to set up a meal plan for them, especially if you wanna keep your little furry friends healthy and well. But with the hassle of everyday life, sometimes it’s hard to keep up, and you find yourself coming home after a long day to starving little kitties, and trust me, you DO NOT wanna come home to starving cats.


Via furchildpets


But Furchild Pets has made life so much easier in Dubai and we owe our lives to them! They’ve introduced a healthy food plan, importing “non-medicated and ethically sourced halal meats imported from Australia, Germany, South Africa, France, Oman and America.”


Via furchildpets


The plan is to feed your furry friends back to optimum health, so whether they need more energy, cleaner teeth, shinier coats or to lose weight, Furchild Pets has got them covered. Not only that but they are offering reasonable prices starting from AED99 only.




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