Jordan’s Princess Nejla Launches Jewelry Line to Make Girls Feel Like Royalty

Damas just launched an exclusive jewelry collection designed by Princess Nejla bint Asem, a member of the Jordanian royal family. Princess Nejla designed a 16-piece line that will be sold exclusively at the Dubai Mall.


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Jewelry giants Damas have been increasingly doing efforts to support the local community through an educational program that supports aspiring young talents.


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The collection “Nejla Bint Assem” is a celebration of cultures; as it brings Eastern and Western influences together, by blending traditional oriental pieces with monochromatic hues and tones.


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Princess Nejla told Trade Arabia “I draw my inspiration from my days as a child walking through Downtown Amman and romanticizing about the semi-precious stones in the shops. Influenced by everything surrounding me, I grew up in an Arab and oriental environment, which helped me pave the way for designing jewelry.”


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She also added “As a child, my grandmother spotted my thirst for jewelry design and helped me nurture and develop the craft. We shared countless moments discussing gems, stones, and different pieces, she would describe some of the most memorable pieces she’s seen in her time and I would attempt to imitate them.”



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