Foreigners Just Discovered Miswak and We Absolutely Can’t Stop Laughing

Via Yoni


For over 7000 years, miswak has been used by Arabs all over the world as an alternative to teeth brushing by a toothbrush and paste. The all natural brushing tool made of arak has antibacterial and anti-decay properties as well as a distinctive odor that leaves the mouth fresh and clean.


So, it’s quite surprising to see science finally catching up thousands of years later and promoting miswak on Facebook. Yoni, a British blog, that started with the intention to create and share new products, perspectives, art and ways of life, just posted about miswak. Now, we do appreciate shedding light on natural products, however, there is nothing NEW about this.



We’re sorry but this is very hilarious! The comments on the shared video by Yoni are life. And the prices??? £3.90 per miswak. That’s like EGP 90. Unrealistically expensive. We honestly can’t stop laughing.



WE SAID THIS: It’s called miswak, not a raw tooth brush.

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