This Emirati Man Can Pull Buses with His Teeth

by Nadine Arab

Meet Hussain Shamshoon Al Arab, the 36 year-old Emirati who is known for his jaws of steel. He is the Gulf’s token Hulk. Al Arab can pull buses as heavy as 8,000 kilos with only his teeth, while weighing about 107 kilos himself.


Via The Telegraph


He will surprise you with his multiple talents. He doesn’t just pull heavy vehicles with his teeth, he can also lift weights heavier than 800 kilos while walking barefoot on sharp nails. Oh, and he also has high endurance to heavy vehicles driving over his hands. The passion for feats of strength achievements runs in the whole family. Al Arab shares his passion with his brothers, and was personally trained by his old man.


Via The Telegraph


Al Arab’s main goal is to proudly represent his country by breaking the Guinness World Record for the heaviest road vehicle pulled by teeth. The title is currently held by the Russian circus performer, Igor Zaripov, who holds two other records for feats of strength using his teeth.



WE SAID THIS: Good luck, Al Arab!


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