This Dubai Neighborhood Has Just Been Named One of the World’s Best

Our hearts skip a beat whenever we find something Arab related being recognized in the West (or anywhere for that matter). If you happen to be just like us, then you’ll love this piece of news.


Via Lonely Planet


Travel giants, Lonely Planet, asked their readers to vote for their favorite neighborhoods in, like, the world — guess who made the cut? Our very own Dubai.


Via Business Bay Central


Business Bay, located in the Sheikh Zayed and Downtown Dubai area, made it to the list and we can’t help but feel oh-so proud.  “Ignore the unsexy name – Business Bay is becoming one of Dubai’s most exciting neighborhoods,” Lonely Planet said.


London’s bustling Tooting, Seoul’s beautiful Seongsu-dong and New York City’s lively Sunset Park were among some of the coolest neighborhoods on the list.



WE SAID THIS: Click here for the full list.


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