Dubai to Have Its First Robot Police Officer in May 2017

by Mohamed Rashed

Via Facebook


Dubai has just announced to launch Robot Police Officers by the year 2020. The surprise, however, was doubled when Gulf News announced that the first Robot police officer will join the Dubai police force in May 2017!


It is also expected that by 2030 the RoboCops will make up to 25% of Dubai’s police force. Moreover, they plan to have a smart police station that does not require any humans. One couldn’t have assumed that technology will influence our lives that much this soon.


Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan, Director of the Future Shaping Center of Dubai, claimed that by 2025 Dubai will be one of the top five cities in the world when it comes to security. He also stated that all police buildings will be 50% self-power generated and that Dubai will build the biggest DNA data bank in the country; thus eliminating any chance of a mysterious or unknown crime.


Using technology is one very smart and interesting approach to guarantee the security of Dubai.



WE SAID THIS: We’re excited but also very afraid.



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