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Mommy Diaries: Who Do You Think You Are

If the revolution had begun on January 25, 2009 rather than 2011, my positions on everything would have been completely different. If I hadn’t had my daughters to worry about, my priorities would have been somewhere else.  But my daughters do exist and our revolution hasn’t gone where we had planned it… But here we […]

Maria’s note: Guess who’s the winner?

Hours ahead of the final recount of the votes, we already know the winner of the Egyptian presidential elections: the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, SCAF. Less than an hour ago they have issued new amendments to the Constitutional Declaration in what I consider their checkmate movement. Analysts, liberals and media have called it a […]

Alien vs. Predator

Do you know those hardcore political activists who have dedicated their lives to tweeting and educating others about the shitty situation in Egypt? The ones who never got tired and would start fights with strangers who are against the revolution or those who have grown sick of it? Well, I was one of them, until […]

The Jerk Code: Ch. 3 “The Revelation”

This story is not chronologically-aligned with the other stories. This story is recent and I thought I’d share it, since it snapped me out of my “Jerkdom” bubble and back to the real world.  I am back in our beloved Middle East for a job offer that made it worth my while (even though I never […]

Cairo Girl Problems: Problem #6 – “Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Me”

It kills me how people have no appreciation for good fashion ideas. Remember my Tahrir collection? Totally du jour right? Well that’s not what my financial adviser thought – totally told my dad to fire him. Apparently, “it’s overpriced.” Duhh that’s the whole point, overpriced guarantees client exclusivity; plus overpriced is the new cheap. I […]

Mommy Diaries: Jumping Ship

When I first moved here in 1999 all I wanted was to leave. Literally. I wanted to take the first flight out of this noisy polluted city. It was hot, crowded, and I didn’t have a single familiar face to turn to. I begrudgingly went to school, hoping that the year would fly by fast […]

CAIRO GIRL PROBLEMS # 5 Nikki’s 1st summer 2012 Tahrir collection

It’s official. The Gods have conspired against Karl… Have you looked the 2013 Chanel resort collection? If you haven’t don’t. Eye pollution. Not chic. We flew to Paris last week for the show. B, Lolitta and I were so excited until we actually got there. Lolitta always gets invited to haute couture shows and private […]

The Mommy Diaries: Striking A Balance

Mommy commercials used to warm my heart. The ones where the toddler is running around a sparkling clean house and the supermodel mom is smiling from ear to ear. In comes reality, and let me tell you, if my house is sparkling clean, it’s only because my kids are asleep. And when I look like […]

Maria’s Note: The Fate of the Tyrants

Since 17 December 2010, when the Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire for a better future, the Middle East has been turned upside down from East to West.  Since then, the contagious desire for freedom and democracy has gotten to all Arab countries and, for better or for worse, the archaic ruling systems have […]

The Jerk Code – Chapter 2: A Jerk In The Making

Before I keep going with this story, I’d like to say that I was young, stupid and retarded to an extent. I am not proud of anything I have done back then. So, there I was back home, heartbroken and can’t stand the sight of women. Somehow, during my “depression” phase, I found the internet. […]