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The Mommy Diaries: Victoria Beckham is not Human

I’m a pretty efficient person. I manage my time well and I can generally get everything I need done in a reasonable amount of time. I also like to think of myself as an active member of society. I run a small wedding planning business. I cook. I’m a pretty awesome person. But mostly my […]

Educational Biopsy – Results: FAIL!

“Hi. My name is Asser. I am starting my 8th year of school in few weeks. It’s going to be the 4th year I study English. I hate English… and Arabic… I hate school. I now live in Cairo. Back in my village, they don’t force you to go to school. If you want to […]

Happy “sexual harassment” Eid

I just stepped out of the plane today coming back from Eid vacation in Bahrain, to embrace Cairo, the motherland’s capital, where its women are being harassed in a way that I have never seen before. We just came out of the holy month, Ramadan, where people in Egypt tend to be full of pity […]

Happy Eid!

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Mammy ana 3ayza atgawez Min Choo Su

I have an issue with our culture. A serious one! I think we are by default born racists. We have no tolerance to any differences.  Don’t believe me, let’s test this right now! Ask your friends right now : would you date an Indian? Most probably the answer would be No! Even if us, the younger […]

The Mommy Diaries: Difficult People

I never understood why people make things more difficult for everyone else. I don’t get it. I cannot understand why anyone would make life harder than it already is. Traffic, pollution, work, family obligations… I truly believe everyone has enough going on. So this is a cry for mercy to all the people out there […]

Maria’s note: Amazons in Saudi

Saudi Arabia, the country of gender segregation has taken one step further. In addition to segregation in all public and even private places, the kingdom has announced the construction of a city just for ladies. The new city will be located in the Eastern province of Hofuf, and it is planned to be the first […]

I’m A Cat

Uh huh, that four-legged feline that meows. A Siamese, to be specific. Brown, with a beige fur coat, big blue eyes… the whole nine yards. At least, that’s what my mom and dad told me. If you’re one of those who believe in reincarnation, then I was a cat in my past life. My mom, an actress, […]

Why Wait? No Wait!

Who doesn’t hate waiting for a table at a restaurant? If the restaurant doesn’t have a small range pager system then you’re stuck waiting there and even if you leave with a pager, you cant go very far and the anxiety kicks in. Well, we’re in the mobile era, and yes it will take over […]

Egypt Air flight to london: ageblek la7ma?

Let me let you in on a little journey I just took with our beloved Egypt Air, on my way to London! Having booked an economy class ticket, I decided to upgrade this morning to Business class, I didnt sleep well last night so I needed some space and leg room, Fine? Fine. In the […]