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Maria’s note: Enough is enough

I am not Egyptian, but I live in Egypt. And I truly love this country; people’s hospitality, the atmosphere, the hidden places, the music, el foul we altaameya, the thousand-year-old traditions, the continuous surprises, the variety…almost everything about it. But there is something I profoundly dislike; something that can suddenly ruin the most pleasant day. […]

Mommy Diaries: Be Kind To Others

My daughters were playing the other day, when my father turns and warns me never to leave the girls alone for too long because they might kill each other.  After a moment of awkward silence, I reminded him that Lana was two and Zein is only 7 months old. That, strangely enough, made no difference […]

Mommy Diaries: The World of Education

I have a big mouth. For those of you who know me, that’s no surprise. I have a problem keeping it shut. Whether its overeating or overstepping boundaries, my mouth is there.  I just can’t help it. I eavesdrop then insert myself into strangers’ conversations to offer my two cents. I meddle in people’s relationships. […]

Just Kidding featuring Sha3r Sedry (yeah, you heard right)

DISCLAIMER: If you happen to be super sensitive regarding the Egyptian Revolution or the elections, this article is not for you. So spare yourself getting annoyed and writing paragraph-long angry responses and just scroll away. The Egyptian people have a knack for making jokes and having a laugh about dire situations, even when they are […]

El Galabeya!

I can not read another Facebook status or tweet about Galabeya fashion. Really people, come on, you’ve got fashion all wrong. Fashion is good for the soul. Full stop. Whether our new president may restrict what we wear and shit, fashion is for YOU first. The misconception here is that “style” and fashion are for […]


Some called it the “birth of a new Egypt,” but the only biological phrase that appropriately describes the last ten days for Egypt was Menopause. Seriously… I am still in shock at how clusterf**cking insane these past ten days were. Mubarak died and then lived, parliament yes and then no, Shafiq then Morsy… it was […]

Maria’s note: And the new puppet is….

The Presidential Elections Commission has announced that Mohamed Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, will be the next president of Egypt.  After one hour of tense wait, during which Farouk Sultan defended the honest work carried out by the Commission and commented the several irregularities denounced during the runoffs, the Chairman of PEC has revealed the name […]

The Day Has Come!

A year and a half of heartache, excitement, political highs and lows, voting, and protests, we have finally come to the day in which we will have our first post – revolution President named! As everyone sits counting the hours down, waiting to hear the announcement, we pray for the best! If you voted Shafik […]

Keep Calm – It’s Not All That Bad

For some unidentified reason, I’m pissed off almost all the time. I admit that I’m a drama queen by nature and maybe that’s the source of all my problems. My mind never stops thinking; I am always overly psychoanalyzing everything that comes my way. I’d be watching a TV show or reading a book, then […]

Egypt’s Revolution – Summarized

So here is my take on the revolution in a couple of sentences, this is not the whole picture, this is me just rambling.. So basically, there were differ pseudo political parties like 6 April , Khaled Saeed Page and all those groups who were organizing who decided that Jan. 25 would be a fantastic […]