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The ever-changing tech world keeps us running after the latest news to keep you informed. Apps, websites and new technology mixed up with the rapidly expanding world of social media – all under one roof to make sure you’re always in the know.

ReConnect : Online BlackOut

We’ve heard about challenges involving online blackouts and avoiding social media and what not over and over again. But can we actually do it? I’m not sure, I personally cant. I cant go longer than an hour without online interaction and that is if I’m delved into work.  Lets say we can do it, why […]

Apple Wins over Samsung : 1 Billion in Damages to be Paid

    The jury has reached a verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial taking pace in a San Jose, Calif. court. Apple succeeded in the majority of its claims against Samsung, with the jury awarding Apple more than $1 billion in damages and potentially banning several Samsung devices from the U.S. market. The […]


Everyone uses email. It has become one of the top 5 tools for communication worldwide in all fields and mediums. But has it been perfected? A lot of experts dont think so. Many different clients, algorithms, and websites tried and tried thoroughly to perfect it but many people still complain about something. Be it from […]

Baby Found with Help of Twitter

A family from Sharjah, UAE has been reunited with their newborn daughter after she was stolen accidentally by car thieves. Baby Lailas was in the back of the white Toyota Prado when it was stolen from Sanaiya 6 area on Saturday night after the parents left it with the engine running. After hearing abou the incident the police put out an […]

Disney Does Clones

3D technology has been a hot topic for the past 5 years, but how far can you take it? And what can be done with it? Well Disney has just proved to the world once again why they are pioneers when it comes to a lot of fields. Disney Research in Zurich, Switzerland, have developed […] !

So it seems that these guys at Zabatak, have personally taken it upon themselves to provide us with a lot tools to track a lot of what is going on in Egypt…After their recent venture with the Morsi Meter a website that hasn’t only caught the attention of Egypt & the Middle East but the […]

Olympics & Twitter Talk

From the very first moment, twitter was where it’s at for the Olympics. From the athletes sharing photos and status updates that take their followers inside the Games,  to the teams sending out updates of scores and athlete stats to the fans covering what they are seeing and reveling in the Olympic drama.  Even here […]

Pinterest is open for all!

Pinterest has finally announced the end of its beta phase and opened registration for everyone, dropping its invite requests. Users can now sign up for the social photo sharing site without waiting for an invitation, according to there official blog. Now, prospective pinners can register using their email addresses, or log in with their Facebook or […]

Top E-learning Company in Egypt

Are you a typical procrastinator? Do you lack communication or presentation skills? A USB stick can simply solve all your problems – you just plug and learn! Tatweer International is an e-development company that provides both accessible and affordable learning programs to any given workforce on any type of training. The company provides the best […]

Yfrog Social: More Social Networks

If you use Twitter since the beginning of time, you must have heard of Yfrog. It started out as a photo-sharing service, which quickly became one of the most popular ways to share photos on Twitter — back in the day, you may remember, the only way you could share photos on Twitter was through third-party […]

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