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The Verdict

As everyone is just getting up to start the new week, there seems to be only one thing on everyone’s minds; The Mubarak verdict! The only thing that seems certain is the rumors and the assumptions of what the outcome may be. Some assume he will get let off, others believe that he may be […]

Zombie Epidemic?

Yes! I said it, Zombie…. What am I talking about? Well if you haven’t heard about the story that has been shocking netizens all over, then here is the Scoop! Last week in Miami, Florida a man identified as Rudy Eugine was shot down while refusing to stop eating another mans face! Crazy? More like insane. It […]

Maria’s Note: Look at the Black Drop

A Venus transit is the passage of Venus across the Sun as seen from Earth. It occurs when the Sun, Venus and Earth are aligned and the planet passes through one of its nodes, which can only occur in the months of June and December. During the transit the observer can see a very black […]

Maria’s Note: Heavy Thoughts

How many times have you stopped doing the right thing to do just what others expect from you? Is it more important what other people think than what you think?  Is it, perhaps, better what others do than what you do?  A few choose to follow their own personal convictions and achieve some self-satisfaction, which […]

Egypt’s Final Candidates

It has been confirmed. The presidential elections final candidates are ex-prime minister, Ahmed Shafik and the Muslim Brotherhood’s, Mohamed Morsi. After a hearing for forged ballots, the results remain the same. We at Scoop only hope for the best for Egypt and you in taking the decision for who you feel will be the best […]

Breaking News: Muslim Brother Hood’s Twitter Hacked

This just in, looks like some tech savvy Revolutionaries managed to hack into the Muslim Brother’s twitter account! Not only that they changed the picture of the account to Khaled Said and have been pretty much bashing anything that is considered MB related or against the revolution! Funny stuff we can’t stop laughing..check it out! […]

Morsi Aw Shafik

So according the twiteratee the race was going back and forth yesterday with random facts about this candidate or that one being in the lead. Well it has been announced, after 90% of votes have been accounted for, with Shafiq and Morsi officially being in the lead, they will be going against one another for […]

Eh Ya Jimmyyyy

  Mr. Jimmy carter former president of the U.S. is here in Cairo to monitor the polling stations! WE SAID THIS: Yalla spread that American Decomracy Sherry El-KilanySome call her a workaholic, others call her driven, she calls herself a hustler. Some find her outgoing, others standoffish, she’s just a confused intro/extrovert. Spanning over 10 years […]

My Vote Counts

Nineteen84 Management and it’s partners have taken the socially responsible route with the new “My Vote Counts” campaign! On board are three of Cairo’s favorite spots Amici (everyone’s fav. cocktail bar) WIFbyEE (the best Wings Cairo has to offer) and La Pietra  All you have to do is go down and vote on Wednesday or […]

Who Are you Voting For?

Our long awaited presidential elections are only 2 days away with 13 candidates running. A lot of people have been very confused on who they’re going to vote for, so we thought we’d put together this Poll (under the search bar at the top right of the page) and try and find out. So please […]