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NYC – Empire State Shooting

Yesterday shooting at the Empire State Building has left the city of New York with yet another example of people taking the law in to their own hands. Due to the economic crunch and mass job layoffs that have occurred in the last couple years, depression, denial and a sense of resentment has lasted with […]

Maria’s Note: Back to Egyptian Fridays, Mr. President, it’s your turn.

Different Egyptian opposition groups have called for a march today to protest against the Muslim Brotherhood increasing control over state institutions. The infamous TV presenter Tawfiq Okasha was the first one calling for demonstrations on 24 August against Morsi and the Brotherhood. After him, former MP Mohamed Abu-Hamed publicly supported Okasha’s call. These two figures […]

Naked Royalty

Have you ever been to Vegas, well the saying goes “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” well that doesn’t go for everybody. Prince Harry known for his international shenanigans gave the press a field day when he was spotted playing a game of Pool in the nude!  Pictures have been flying all around the […]

Tony Scott – A Plunge to the Death

Tony Scott, one of Britain’s most renowned directors known for works such as Top Gun & Beverly Hills Cop II plunged to this death last Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro, California, a Los Angeles County coroner.  Rumors have been circulating all week trying to put reason to Scott’s actions with the main […]

It’s All About the (IMF) Monies!

For those of you still in your eid bubble, in the news today Christine Legarde the chief of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) flew into Egypt today to sit with our president Mohamed Morsi, to discuss the loan we had previously requested. During our oh so successful revolution and after we had requested from the […]

Maria’s Note: Morsi’s Historical Visit to Iran – The World is Watching

On August 30, Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi will visit Iran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit. During this meeting, designed to support developing nations, Egypt will hand the leadership of the movement to Iran.  However, the encounter is now under high scrutiny from the side of political analysts and media as it could […]

Saudi Princess threatens Egyptian Woman with Prison

The family of Nagla Wafa, an Egyptian woman in prison in Saudi Arabia, said they were threatened that Wafa would be held in prison for life if they reported the matter to the media. Wafa had been sentenced to five years in prison and 500 lashes following a dispute in a business partnership with a […]

Pussy Riot Sentenced to 2 years

Three members of the feminist punk-rock band, Pussy Riot, who briefly took over a cathedral in Moscow in a raucous prayer for deliverance from Russian President, Vladimir Putin were sentenced to two years in prison for hooliganism yesterday, a decision that drew protests around the world as it highlighted the Russian president’s intensifying crackdown on dissent. Protesters […]

Fareed Zakria Cleared!

Fareed Zakaria is off the hook at both Time magazine and CNN after he admitted plagiarizing a New Yorker column last Friday. Zakaria, Time’s editor-at-large, was suspended for a month over his most recent column, which shared suspicious similarities to a earlier piece in the New Yorker. He admitted to making a “terrible mistake.” He […]

Diaries of a Disgruntled Development Worker

Entry 1: Rio+20  “I want you to imagine a generation that has been damned. Imagine children deprived of a world without war, imagine a community where human beings are slaves to fellow beings and where disease and hunger are the order of the day. That is the future we warned you of in 92 and […]