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Elvis Home For Sale?

Rumors are spread around HollyWood and then ehoed throughout the world. Well this is no rumor folks, it is true that Elvis Presly’s LA home is on the market. Ever though of sleeping in the Kings bed? Well your dreams could come true!  The four-bedroom, five-bathroom French regency-styled house was lived in by Elvis till […]

Curfew Imposed on Stores & Restaurants in Egypt

The rumors were swirling before last Eid that President Morsi’s government would implement a curfew for stores and restaurants throughout the country! Most business owners got angry, everyone debated if it were an actual possibility then the hype died out! In true Morsi style suspense, it has just been announced that this in fact will […]

Janet Jackson To Wed Qatari Billionaire

Everyone wants a piece of Qatar, or is it the other way around, Qatar wants a piece of everything!! They even got their hands on pop legend history! Janet Jackson is set to marry Qatari Billionaire Wissam Al Mana in Doha sometime in 2013 and rumors are swirling that Janet converted to Islam in order […]

Saudi Arabia Enforces Minimum Wage for Philipino Maids

After a 15 month ban of maids from the Philippines to enter and work in Saudi Arabia, the gulf state known for it’s extensive maid business has lifted the ban and enforced a $400 monthly minimum wage. “More than the lifting of the ban, I find the decision of the Saudi government to increase the […]

Egypt’s Very Own Mother Teresa – Strong Contender For the Noble Peace Prize

Who knew we had an angel working for our country, the impoverished’s very on Robin Hood? Meet “Mama Maggie” dubbed “Egypt’s Mother Teresa” the woman who has dedicated her life to Cairo’s slums and helping both Christian & Muslim children and their families towards a better life. Mama Maggie is the founder of Stephen’s Children, […]

The Uprising of Women in the Arab World

This is inspiring and liberating to say the least! It has been a long time coming as the Arab world witnessed revolution after revolution there is one that went by ignored, that of Women’s Rights! A silent revolution has been brewing online, specifically on Facebook calling for support for the Uprising of Women in the […]

New York Anti-Muslim Ads Get Some Positive Competition

Rejoice for you can still have faith in the world! When all hell broke loose late last month in New York’s subway systems, most of the Middle East and the educated world braced for the worst. Hate speech directly pointed at the “Barbaric” Muslim “Savage” by one of the many hate groups in the U.S. […]

Schumacher To Retire

The most synonymous name with racing is now retiring! Seven time world champion race car champ Michael Shumacher will retire after the end of this Formula one season. Who will be replacing the star Mercedes driver next season? None other than Lewis Hamilton.  “Basically, I’ve decided to retire at the end of the year,” Schumacher […]

Discovering MENA: Any News On Syria?

Most important data: death toll dangerously approaching an outrageous number: 35,000 (mostly civilians, and too many innocent children amongst them) since the outset of the uprising in March 2011, with countless injured and more than 25,000 detained. Moreover, more than 260,000 Syrians have fled to neighbouring countries (moreover, the number of internally displaced persons is […]

First Muslim Minister in Norway

 Hadia Tajik, Norway’s Minister of Culture In the midst of the all that is happening around the world and as the hate towards Muslim’s increases due to misunderstandings and lack of knowledge on all sides, Norway steps up to the plate and delivers a groundbreaking move. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has appointed a Muslim […]