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Alex Ferguson: British Football Legend to Retire

After spending more than 26 years as the manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from this position; however, Alex will become a United director and ambassador.  In 1999, he was knighted by the Queen in the Queen’s Birthday Honors. Nonetheless, he won 38 trophies during his time in the club including […]

Bikinis & Alcohol Welcome In Egypt Sherry El-KilanySome call her a workaholic, others call her driven, she calls herself a hustler. Some find her outgoing, others standoffish, she’s just a confused intro/extrovert. Spanning over 10 years in the event and marketing industry, Sherry began her career in Egypt’s burgeoning Sports Marketing industry, to quickly be recruited by the Middle East’s […]

Too Handsome for Saudi

What does one do if they are overly handsome? Score a lot of chicks? Travel the world landing any girl they may want? We bet though, being banned from a country and getting deported wasn’t one of the first things that crossed your minds, now was it?! Three gentlemen from the UAE were attending the […]

Discovering MENA: Hezbollah and Syria

For months, the Syrian opposition has been accusing Hezbollah of waging a war against the Syrian people. Reports increasingly acknowledge the presence of Lebanese fighters, fighting alongside Assad´s army, on Syrian soil, namely in Shiite villages along the border between Syria and Lebanon. Even though the extent of the implication of the Shiite group in […]

Discovering MENA: A New Arab Peace Initiative?

Months ago, an article in L’Orient-Le Jour renewed my hopes of a League of Arab States’ (aka LAS) favorable evolution. Last January, LAS SG Nabil Al-Arabi, after talks in Cairo with President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, pleaded for a “new approach” to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for the current 2002 API has […]

Every Night’s a Dry Night

Heading to Hurghada this Easter break? A new hotel has just opened its gates with a very new concept: Every night’s a dry night. That’s right. Egypt’s first non-alcoholic hotel is looking to encourage tourists and Egyptian nationals to enjoy a new tourism approach. “Tourists have alcohol in their countries, and they must find other […]

George Jones: The Country Music Legend Dies at 81

George Jones, the great American country singer died today Friday April 26 at the age of 81 after being hospitalized with fever and irregular blood pressure. Born on Sept 12, 1931 in Texas, Jones has always been referred to as the greatest country singer ever. The country music legend had many great number one hit […]

Discovering MENA: Syria’s Manifold Wars

Anyone out there unaware of Assad’s latest mischief? Really? Well, on the occasion of Syria’s  Independence Day, the country’s stiff President gave an interview to the Syrian official television channel Al-Ikhbariya. The interview coincided with the country’s Independence Day, and at one point of the ranting, he linked his departure to a “decision of the […]

Discovering MENA: A Resignation Almost No One Has Mentioned

Nearly no one liked him at home. He was hailed as a great political figure abroad, though. He spent all his life looking forward to becoming a prophet in his own country, but Palestinian hearts and minds are not that easy to win over. Last week and after months of political bickering and governmental stalemate, […]

Gun Control and The Boston Marathon

Police captured the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect, seriously wounded in a backyard boat. The oldest of the Tsarnaev brothers and first suspect, was shot dead the day before after a harrowing car chase followed by a gun battle. The capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev puts an end to five days of terror and anxiety for […]