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New York Fashion Week Top Trends

New York Fashion Week Top Trends

If you don’t already know, New York Fashion Week is just one part of the four major fashion weeks’ family, which also includes London, Milan and Paris. Every February and September sees back to back fashion weeks in these cities. Since 1943, designers have previewed their lines in September for spring and summer of the […]

Fall 2013 Back To School Must-Haves

Fall 2013 Back To School Must-Haves

Hey, girls, we’re back to school! Sounds terrific, I know. But you know what that means… Shopping! Whether it’s your freshman or senior year, getting your wardrobe ready can get… annoying. You want to be stylish, make a statement, yet you need to feel comfortable for long school days. Here are some trendy pieces that […]

Attention Egyptian Girls: Snookie and JWoww are NOT Appropriate Fashion Role Models

Since I’ve been going hardcore style and beauty since I started with Scoop, I’ve decided to try out some stylish laughs. The other day, I was watching MTV and the infamous “Snookie & Jwoww” came on – the spinoff from the “Jersey Shore” reality show. While I was laughing about what had probably been the […]

Pre-Fall Wearable Trends

So funny how New Year’s Eve seems like last week and it’s already September. Fall is knocking our doors and as much as we can fight it, we need to get ready for it. Every lady needs a good transition between summer fun and fall drama. The runways for fall 2013 had unforgettable signature looks; […]

Your Louboutins Go So Well With Your Turban

The Muslim worldwide population is around 1.9 billion with an estimated yearly growth of 12%. Let’s face it, Muslims have lots of kids and they’re no way facing extinction any time soon. The representation of Islam has been mixed, with many religious extremes and political conflicts. I like to think that fashion is the fairest […]

Coco Chanel: Fashion As We Know It

Coco Chanel was the only fashion designer to appear on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. She is a truly trendsetter who built her own fashion empire which stands to the test of time. As a fashion designer, she revolutionized fashion. At this time women were trapped in […]

Your Fashion Guide To This Summer

Summer season is finally here and this calls for a new wardrobe. We’ve got you the latest news about what to wear and what to throw away. This summer is all about being bohemian; looser fitting, free-spirited styles. Throw away all your neon colored clothes because pastels and monochrome are taking over. Since its all […]

Fashion ADDICT or Fashion VICTIM?

Everyone is into fashion, even men who pretend that they really don’t care about what they are wearing, but if you take a closer look you will realize how much they are actually into their threads. Yesterday, when I was on campus I noticed one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about; the sweatpants TREND. […]

Locally “moda”

The word “moda” just pisses me off. Through years of collecting Vogue, obsessing about Fashion Week and going to extreme (maybe kind of sick) measures in shopping, I’ve realized that there is nothing technically “moda.” What’s on the runway is completely different than what is on high street. What’s on the high street differs from […]

Dream Catchers – It’s A Hair Thang

Ok, If you haven’t heard it so far, here is the lowdown on and I KiD YOU NOT the COOLEST thing to hit the hair world. Dreamcatchers (and no we aren’t talking about the Indian Webbed designs you hang on your window because its pretty), dubbed the best hair extensions in the world. Here is […]

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