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Are businesses taking “too much” advantage of high-end customers?

  We’ve all thought of it, but are yet to express it. With new businesses opening up and spreading in areas of Zamalek, Maadi, 6th of October, and Heliopolis, are we being ridiculously ripped off? This isn’t about what we as upper class residents can or cannot afford to pay. This is about us being […]

What is Arkan?

For those of you that don’t live in the 6th of October area, Arkan is the newest kid on the block. Kind of like a mini ‘solidaire’ from Beirut, Arkan has grouped up a list of some of the most ‘elite’ brands the Cairo scene has to offer and put them all in one place […]

A Society You Want to Be A Part Of

There are very few societies I aspire to be a part of, (our current society not being one of them, although dammned by birth to run in these circles). I have found one society thought that feeds into all my materialistic needs and all I have to do is pay $39 to be a part […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: Don’t Be A Copy Cat

Maybe copying is part of the learning process which can be a helpful tool on the path to discovering your own style. Now a days we live in copy-and-paste world, in which you can copy-and-paste someone’s ideas, words and images and pretend for them to be your own; while calling that “your own business” You […]

The Man Behind Bar D’O – Cairo’s Newest Bar

A new bar has newly opened about 3 weeks ago, but let me say this is not just another bar in the streets of Cairo. It’s the “Character” as I quote from Khaled Sabry, the owner that makes Bar D’O stand out. The amazingly unique setting reminds one of the mellow New York ‘meat district’ […]

StartUp Cup Launches in Cairo

  Over the next few months we’ll be witnessing yet another startup competition in Cairo. The StartUp Cup is designed with a powerful business model coaching approach at its heart. This approach supports entrepreneurs to accelerate building and testing their business models with real customers.   If you think you have the next best idea […]

Vodafone Brings Incubator to Egypt

Word on the street is that Vodafone Egypt is launching a EGP 20 million fund that focuses on small, web, and mobile-focused ventures, with the goal of supporting youth and innovation in Egypt. In addition to the fund, Vodafone Egypt decided to bring their Silicon Valley incubator titled “Xone” to the Egyptian market. The incubator […]

The online world is where its at. And with all that is going on in our country we seem to be doing great in terms of online start ups. I stumbled upon this new venture yesterday, ““. Estabena, meaning “agreed/settled” in Egyptian folk, usually used in the lingo when buying or selling property is very […]

The Bungalow

So a while back one of what seems to be one of the most succesful online shopping sites in the area was launched by 3 of our own homegrown fashionistas themselves.  Partners in Horreya and Owner of Hebz by Heba El Awadi alongside Yomna Bakry co-founder of the notorious Maybe 2 – Bungalow H was […]

Space Open For Business

  For the first time in History, Space has been opened for business! The private company SpaceX made history when docking their Dragon Capsule to the international space station. Your asking why is this important? Its the first time ever a commercial vehicle attached to the international space hub, and was delivering scientific products to […]