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A Little Kiteology For The Soul

Kite this Kite that.. Do you kite? Well that is all that I have heard for the last year. The sport has definitely made its mark on an international basis with talks of it even being part of the 2016 Olympic Games. Having taken the leap myself and knowing what goes in to it. Well […]

An Intro to Social Entrepreneurship: The New Shade of Grey

We have all come to accept that we live in a world of stereotypes. But we’ve never realized just how far these preconceived ideas have managed to hold us back. And when I say us, I mean humans – all of us. We’ve put people, occupations, and aspirations into tidy, little boxes and are ever […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: Throw Less At The Problem

Watch Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and you’ll see a pattern. The menus at failing restaurants offer too many dishes. The owners think making every dish under the sun will broaden the appeal of the restaurant. Instead, it makes for crappy food (and creates inventory headaches). That’s why Ramsay’s first step is nearly always to […]

Samsung Pays Apple 1 Billion Dollars IN COINS!

You actually thought that this rumor is true!?  Somehow, a story has been taken seriously by some people which reports that Samsung paid Apple their entire $1.05 billion fine through 30 truck loads of five-cent coins. PaperBlog first legitimately reported this as a story, claiming that because Samsung can pay Apple the enormous fine however […]

Inspiring Women: Who Is Marriam Mossalli?

Inspiring Women: Who Is Marriam Mossalli?

I recently started a series of interviews with inspiring and powerful women in their field – women that have put the Middle East on the map one way or another. Naturally, fashion came up and I thought who better to speak to than Marriam Mossallli, the young entrepreneur behind Niche Arabia and so many other […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Making the Call is Making Progress”

When you put off decisions, they pile up. And piles end up ignored, dealt with in haste, or thrown out. As a result, the individual problems in those piles stay unresolved. Whenever you can, swap “Let’s think about it” for “Let’s decide on it.” Commit to making decisions. Don’t wait for the perfect solution. Decide […]

Meet The Latest T-Shirt Company “Elbes”

Elbes! Yes, when you hear the name you kind of feel it is associated with some sort of trouble or at least that’s what I thought! Well, no the word is actually used to describe its most basic meaning; to get dressed. But let me say this invasion of new concepts, colors and fashion will […]

The Smart Way to Begin Your Business: “Details, Not For Now”

Architects don’t worry about which tiles go in the shower or which brand of dishwasher to install in the kitchen until after the floor plan is finalized. They know it’s better to decide these details later. You need to approach your idea the same way. Details make the difference. But getting infatuated with details too […]

Unemployment Rates Soar

While you’re on your way to work this morning, doing the routine moaning and yearning for the days of unemployment, look outside your window and think of this – 3 out of 4 young people that cross your path are unemployed. On Tuesday, the  Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) released their official […]

Google Ups Its Job Benefits

We all have heard about how amazing it is to work for Google, from how elaborate and employee friendly the offices are to all the benefits their workers get!  Obviously they don’t have an issue when it comes to paying hefty salaries, but on the other side the employee loyalty that is being built along […]

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