These Berlin Dinner Parties Celebrate Refugees and Their Food

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Über den Tellerrand, which translates to “Beyond the Plate,” is a nonprofit organization in Berlin that connects refugees with Germans for meals and cooking classes.  


Via Buzzfeed


Refugee chefs share recipes from home with the locals, they then cook the meals and eat them together, and in the process build friendships and get to know more about the other.


Via Buzzfeed


What’s special about this is that food is utilized in a way to connect people from different religions, cultures and such with one another in a unique way — and realizing that underneath all these labels, we’re all exactly the same.



Kassy Cho, a reporter from BuzzFeed, spent a day cooking a meal with refugees and other newcomers in the city, and shared the whole experience in those beautiful pictures above.




WE SAID THIS: This initiative should be implemented everywhere, to be honest.


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