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Cairo Girl Problems: Problem #6 – “Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be Me”

It kills me how people have no appreciation for good fashion ideas. Remember my Tahrir collection? Totally du jour right? Well that’s not what my financial adviser thought – totally told my dad to fire him. Apparently, “it’s overpriced.” Duhh that’s the whole point, overpriced guarantees client exclusivity; plus overpriced is the new cheap. I […]

CAIRO GIRL PROBLEMS # 5 Nikki’s 1st summer 2012 Tahrir collection

It’s official. The Gods have conspired against Karl… Have you looked the 2013 Chanel resort collection? If you haven’t don’t. Eye pollution. Not chic. We flew to Paris last week for the show. B, Lolitta and I were so excited until we actually got there. Lolitta always gets invited to haute couture shows and private […]

Cairo girl problems – Problem #4 “I’M NIKKI WHO THE F ARE YOU?”

Problem #4 I’m Nikki who the f**k are you? Guys I think there’s a misunderf**kingstanding…… Gouna is NOT, I repeat; is not St Tropez, it is not Antibes, it is not Cannes and not definitely not Monaco. The closest Egypt’s gonna come to Monaco is if they decide to rename Cairo Monte Cairo.. Something Shafik […]

Cairo girl problems – Problem #3 The Presidential Elections

I know. I know I’m super late and that you guys have been waiting, but trust me it’s worth the wait and super useful for the elections.. I’m not THAT superficial btw… I can also discuss serious stuff like the extreme resemblance between Hamdeen Sabahee and Jay Leno! I know right?!! Basically I’ve been super […]

Cairo girl problems problem # 2 weekends with J

Guys are we all gonna sit here and not make fun of beyonce’s “dress”!!! Givenchy how could you? What were you smoking? Purple feathers? Fuck you. This is the Met Gala not the fucking zoo. Anyways I don’t get why everyone in cairo was so hyped up about the met gala, which was in LA […]

Cairo Girl Problems: Problem # 1 Midweek in Cairo

Every morning, I spend the first half hour of my day in utter complete shock about the fact that Alexander McQueen is really dead, like he’s seriously NOT coming back. But whatever it’s 3 pm now so I’m like totally over it, plus Burton’s there is doing a great job. Moving on… It’s Sunday and […]