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Chakras 101

Holistic healing has recently grown to become more popular over the past few years. Some people refer to it as ‘’Alternative Medicine’’, I prefer the former term. It’s not a new concept really, this form of ‘’healing’’ has been around for thousands of years. Holistic health practitioners have many ways of healing, but they share a […]

Departure From Ease

You don’t just toss everything behind and leave. You don’t just overlook your life blessings and go somewhere to start over, like a blank spotless page. If you ask anyone what they want the most, probably 70% will tell you that they would like nothing more than a fresh start. But what does starting over […]

Fulfill Your Potential……Get Out of Your Zone!

  We all like to be comfortable…because comfort is a generator of ease, relaxation and happiness. But did you ever stop to think….how comfortable is ‘’too comfortable?’’.  Here’s how the mental elements we never knew existed, can be the reason why we’re going around in circles when it comes to certain aspects of our life. […]

An Art Exhibition That Will Clear Your Mind

Taking place at the ‘’Hanager Art Gallery ‘’ located in Cairo Opera Houses’ ground at Zamalek, this art exhibition by artist Nihal Wahby definitely has a very relaxing and therapeutic vibe to it. Upon entry I automatically felt like I’ve stepped into a clutter free parallel universe. The lighting and the set up automatically sync […]

Happy Movie? Yes Please!

Most of us are  overwhelmed with work and/or news of the current  intense political scene, so it’s always a good idea to take a break every once a while and watch something inspirational that elevates our energy levels. Nun center in Zamalik are screening Sundance award winner and Academy Award nominee Roko Belic’s documentary ‘’ […]

Bits and Pieces of Happy Thoughts

Overtime and through practical experience, I’ve grown to be a firm believer in the power of energy. And by energy I mean the vibrations emitted from your own self to the outside world. It is those vibrations that affect the way you perceive the occurrences in your life, and your perceptions in turn determine the […]

Ok So We’ve Had a Revolution….Now What?

From mass protests to gun shots in our streets, moving onto  a stepping down speech followed by ever changing cabinets; love it or hate it, the January 25th  revolution had one thing in common for all of us, it took us all out of our comfort zones. Mubarak stepping down was just the beginning. I […]

What Is Fear?

Have you ever taken a moment to think what fear really is? You know, that annoying feeling you get, whether it’s a clenched stomach or a flush of heat…. What IS that?  Is it preempting a bad situation? Is it a self-degrading perception? Well…yes & yes, but these are only by-products of the actual root […]