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Karim, or Kaz as he likes to be known, is a modern-day hybrid creative currently Creative Director at the number 1 digitally inspired advertising agency in the region. He’s an accomplished writer, designer and master communicator with over 9 years experience working with the biggest brands in the world. When he’s not working, he’s organizing parties or playing ukulele on the beach somewhere.

HOME SCREAM HOME: Egypt’s Electricity Crisis

HOME SCREAM HOME: Egypt’s Electricity Crisis

I’m writing this in the dark. It’s 9:39pm and the lights are out. The window is slightly open and I can hear three or four kids playing hide and seek. I am reminded of my age as my mind searches for a bazooka, ready to let it rip for some peace of mind. Thankfully the […]

Giraffes Go Viral On Facebook

Giraffes Go Viral On Facebook

It’s happening all over the world… Giraffes are taking over! If you’re reading this now, save yourself before it’s too late. You’ve probably already seen them hovering around your timeline and wondered what the f***’s going on? Especially when your closest friends are changing their profile pictures to ones like these: After some pointless research […]

Axe Becomes the Wingman

This past Valentine’s day (yes we all overdosed on it) Axe Middle East saw an opportunity to hook up their large male fan-base in the Gulf with frankly one of the best social campaigns I’ve seen in a while. Two weeks ago they released this video explaining the idea: They encouraged their fans on Facebook […]

The Science of Fasting: How to live longer, stay younger and lose weight

Firstly, this has nothing whatsoever to do with religion!! Now that the elephant has left the room, I’d like to ask you something: Do you want to live longer? How about lose weight? How about lose weight and still eat burgers? And fried chicken? Three days a week? Stavolta ice cream? Hmm….. What about losing […]

I’m Hiring A Butler

Job Responsibilities: You will have a posh English accent, and always be presentably attired; preferably in a mismatched pair consisting of an evening tail coat and striped trousers. Your duties will include overseeing the staff including the Mexican gardener, the Philippino maid, and of course the Indian driver Jansher. This is also a hands on […]