The Science of Fasting: How to live longer, stay younger and lose weight


Firstly, this has nothing whatsoever to do with religion!! Now that the elephant has left the room, I’d like to ask you something:

Do you want to live longer? How about lose weight? How about lose weight and still eat burgers? And fried chicken? Three days a week? Stavolta ice cream?


What about losing weight AND improving your body functions? (Something Atkins doesn’t agree with.) Cutting your risk of seven cancers including breast and prostate? And even improving your memory?

What I’m about to show you may very well change your life. It’s a video created by the BBC. Don’t worry, it’s not the the standard health crap we all know by heart and don’t give a shit about – and it’s not a hoax! It’s all very scientific, relatively easy, and the results speak for themselves.

Watch the video.

It’s freaking revolutionary!! It’s about fasting and what you eat…. Or rather what you don’t eat.