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After finishing her MA in English Translation & Simultaneous Interpretation, Eman decided to follow her passion; Advertising! With experience in PR & Marketing, Eman finally decided to join Digital Republic as a Social Media & Viral Seeding Consultant. Eman is also an active community worker, with a love for filming documentaries.

Egypt’s Roads are a Death Trap!

People say I exaggerate on Facebook all the time to make my stories more interesting. And you know what? I do. But I could have easily and needlessly died today and there’s not one ounce of exaggeration there. I’m on the Ring Road, going home to Maadi from Zayed, and I’m driving on the left […]

Egyptians; Are we A Joke?

If anything, Egyptians have become the biggest joke in the world. I know I’m going to get the usual “Egyptians? So what do you think you are?” and you know what? I’d don’t give a rats ass. Sport: Egypt is in its lowest ever ranking in world football. We have the most unorganized league ever. […]

Religion & Sex

  So a colleague at office was checking the free apps on Android today, only to find out that the most downloaded free apps on Android in Egypt are all ones of Sex & Religion! When you scroll down through the top 10 apps, you’ll find that the number 1 app is of Qur’an followed […]

Because We Don’t Walk This Earth Alone

On the 27th of August 2010, Omar Attia, Kareem Abdel Lateef & I visited an orphanage for mentally disabled children to fulfill Ramadan’s zakat. After spending couple hours with those kids, we realized that it wasn’t the clothes, the chocolate or the toys that put a smile on their faces; it was our efforts playing […]

Twitter fun: @sarahebeid vs @Ikhwanweb

Twitter can be very boring sometimes with desperate dull tweets flying all around, but it can also be really entertaining at other times. Take during elections’ results announcement speech, as an example. It was like watching a movie in a room filled with 100+ friends and everyone was just cracking jokes. The longer the speech […]

This week in Social Media: LinkedIn gets hacked/Foursquare gets a makeover

A Russian hacker has stolen 6,458,020 encrypted LinkedIn passwords and posted them online (without usernames). The breach comes on the heels of news that LinkedIn’s iOS app potentially violates user privacy by sending detailed calendar entries to its servers. In simple terms, this means an attacker might be able to crack many of the passwords […]

Facebook opens its newest office in Dubai

As you may have heard from the news, Facebook opened its first office in the Arab World in Dubai, UAE last Wednesday, May 30th.  The Facebook team announced that the aim of opening this new office is to attract more ad sales by targeting the 45 million users across the Middle East and North Africa […]

Social Media and the Presidential Campaigns in Egypt

Egypt’s presidential elections are taking place on the 23rd and 24th of May. We only have 2 days to ago and the million dollar question is: who will win & will the elections take more than one round? Social Media became a defining force in the presidential campaigns in Egypt post the #Jan25 revolution. It […]

Tasteless Fashion

  Ok, you’re going to find me to be quite the hypocrite here because I’m going to go on a rant on people who make fun of others. But here’s the catch, when you make fun of others (just like I do) make sure you can back it up. I make fun of musicians and […]

Bey2ollak is here to fight #CairoTraffuck!

On behalf of the natives of the Republic of Cairo, I would like to thank the creators of Bey2ollak app who saved us hours of torture being stuck in Cairo’s traffuck by dodging certain routes and taking others. That app is a life saver, I kid you not! If you’re not familiar with it, it […]