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Forget if the the glass is half full or empty, drink what you can from it because life is short. Elimam is a financier by trade, a cylclist with a passion for getting words across, holding a dream to come home to an Egypt that's all she can be and more.

I Brought 25 International Wharton Kids to Egypt and Fell in Love with It All Over Again

I Brought 25 International Wharton Kids to Egypt and Fell in Love with It All Over Again

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I hold that to be true. I understand that sometimes one can be so infatuated with an idea or thing that the negatives pale in comparison to the unintelligible positives we conjure up to justify convictions. This preface will make sense shortly, I promise. I’ve been at […]

One Interest Rate Cut at a Time

Digging ourselves out of the weeds, one interest rate cut at a time. Central banks, the “lender of the last resort” and the banks’ bank, implementer of each country’s monetary policy, have at their disposal certain tools they can use to stimulate the economy at what they’ve determined are strategic entry points. These tools include […]

Analysis: Arab Money

Egypt’s relationship with the GCC states has always been a close one. Egypt played an essential role in the education and construction of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the UAE (three countries pledging US5, US4, and US3 bn in aid respectively) in the mid 20th century, sending teachers, doctors, engineers, construction workers – a fact that […]

It’s All About The Hat!

Egypt’s only Satirist Bassem Youssef arrived at the High Court this morning, with the oversized hat that brought tears to everyone’s eyes from laughing. Here’s the link to the episode in case you missed it or want to watch it again: It’s viral and everyone is talking about the fact that Youssef actually attended court […]

Light up your life

Imagine life without electricity… No, give it more thought. Do you feel lost? Your life pretty much ends, huh? The thing is it does not just end, it ends in the dark. “Tanweer Al-Heiz” is a project that is dedicated to bringing light to people’s lives. If that’s not inspirational enough, then I don’t know […]

The EGP Dilemma

There is only one way for the EGP to go and that is down. Egypt’s net international reserves (“NIR”) came in at USD 15.01 billion in December reaching a critical level that will not allow the Egyptian Government to support the EGP anymore. Egypt’s foreign exchange sources in its balance of payments (“BoP”) continue to […]

Chillax: Chilling on a Whole New Level

What the hell is Chillax?! I have seen their name all over the place recently but they refused to reveal who they were! Why? well, they were teasing you, me and everyone… Their fan page popped up with designs that were full of colorful splashes and taglines that involved chilling and relaxation and left it to […]


Have you ever taken a driving ticket? Of course you did. Did you deserve it? Of course you did not. Who would ever admit they’re a bad driver or they’re mistaken in this country? No one. Well I am sorry to tell you that those days are over, you’re now doomed after the launching of […]

Ahmed Habash Surfs all the way to the Olympics

Windsurfing, a sport that is not that common or popular in Egypt. Practicing since he was 13 years old, Ahmed Habash made it all the way to the Olympics and made millions of Egyptians proud. I am one of them and I’m even more proud to have interviewed him. God bless the passion and the […]

Egypt – You will Never Change

Let me start this by Saying; “Morsy is a Phony” How many times did you hear the sentence “this country will never change”? Only real positive, optimistic and extremely hopeful people which I am sure don’t exist here anymore, might be able to avoid/ignore this sentence. The truth is we hear it almost all the […]