12 Beautiful Pictures That Will Make You Want to Go to Aswan

by Hana Ghatwary

Places aren’t just geographical spots on a map. Places are feelings, moments and vibes. One of my new favorite places is Aswan.


Egypt’s Aswan is so many things, but to me, it is the glittering water of the Nile while you lay in the warm sun on a felucca; it is the joy you feel in your heart when you see its colorful houses; it is the beautiful smiles that you see on its inhabitants’ face; it is their delicious food (and Nubian coffee).


Not only does it have all of that, it also has culture, history and natural scenery! I honestly have to write a whole book about Aswan to accurately describe it to you, but I will let these pictures do the job.












WE SAID THIS: Brb while I plan a trip back to Aswan.


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