Zombie Epidemic?

Yes! I said it, Zombie…. What am I talking about? Well if you haven’t heard about the story that has been shocking netizens all over, then here is the Scoop!

Last week in Miami, Florida a man identified as Rudy Euginwas shot down while refusing to stop eating another mans face! Crazy? More like insane. It took 6 shots to finally put the man down, described as having some form of super strength due to a bad case of LSD that seems to be sweeping the nation with multiple cases arising. It is without precedent that this is one of the strangest public acts of cannibalism to be shown on public news.  

The specific drug is called “Sea Salts”, according to Dr. Paul Adams an emergancy room Dc. at Jackson Memorial Hospital, and they have increased in usage since the ‘Ultra Fest’ the electronic music festival that took place in March in Miami. 

The drug triggers a pattern of physical trauma leaving the person in a zombie and animalistic state: Extremely high body temperature, strong aggressive, attacks using the mouth and jaw. 

As for the victim, still unidentifiable is in the midst of recovery missing nearly half his face including an eye and nose has survived this gruesome attack.

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