Zo2: BoB and A-Squared Just Dropped the Hit of the Season!

Via Instagram

If you’ve checked your social media even once in the past week, then you’ve definitely come across a post or a story with a black background and the word ‘Zo2’ written in Arabic and English.

While everyone was questioning what this picture might be teasing for, the names that shared it suggested that it’s going to be something super cool. It turned out to be something very interesting indeed; a collaboration between Sharmoofers’ very own Ahmed Bahaa BoB, and the DJ Duo of the hour A-Squared.

The music video of ‘Zo2’ is out on YouTube and it already surpassed 160k views in a matter of hours, for all the right reasons! The music video is very well-made, and the song itself is insane! You don’t have to be Doctor Strange to predict that this hit will be in every single party or event for the rest of the season.

The music production is by A-Squared’s Amr El-Banna and Ali Ahmed and the lyrics and vocals are by the iconic BoB. The mixing engineer is Sary Hany, and the mastering engineer is Streaky Mastering UK. The director is Runa el Arian and the executive producer is Aya Gaafar. The DOP is Moustafa El Kashef and the cameraman is Ahmed Thabet. The choreography is by Khadija Al Arkan, the post-production is by Vivid studio, and the record label is Gamma Records. And of course, the band manager is Omar Ghaleb.

WE SAID THIS: Will definitely have this one on repeat for a while!