Zap Tharwat’s April Fool’s Just Made the Whole Year for Some of His Most Dedicated Fans

One of the most influential and leading independent artists in the Arab World, Zap Tharwat, just made some unforgettable memories to some of his hardcore fans! April Fools’ will never be the same after what Tharwat did to the fans that responded to his call of action in his latest Vodafone IN campaign.

Zap Tharwat asked his fans to send him videos while singing one of his songs. Some of those fans were invited to record this song in a studio, but little did they know, that they’re not just there for the recording but that they’re up for a huge treat. While singing their hearts out, the fans were shocked by Zap’s surprise entrance to the studio, joining them in the singing process!

As you might have expected, their reactions are simply priceless! Can’t recall when was the last time we’ve seen someone that excited and happy about anything. The unique and precious moment for every Zap fan didn’t end by singing and spending time with their idol, but with an even more special treat.

The lucky bunch was among the very first ever to listen to the first song for Zap Tharwat’s upcoming, long-awaited album.

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think.

كدبة أبريل مع IN و Zap Tharwat و ساري هاني

فكرنا نعمل حاجة مختلفة السنة دي في كدبة ابريل مع Zap Tharwat Sary Hanyالشباب كانت فكرة انهم هيعيشوا تجربة الاستوديو بس لكن المفاجأة كانت أكبر من كده بكتيراطلب #770* وخليك اول واحد يسمع ألبوم المدينة

Posted by IN by Vodafone on Sunday, April 1, 2018

WE SAID THIS: Tharwat’s latest album is available for order in Vodafone IN’s portal!