Your Adventure Guide to Costa Rica: The Seven Bucklist Activities to Checkoff

Envisioning the perfect trip? Your dreams would probably entail scenic views where you can soak in luxurious gardens, the feels of white-powder beach sand on your skin, and a bunch of cool places to explore. Well, when in Costa Rica, you’ll live your fantasies and more! Costa Rica attracts visitors all year round because of its fun lifestyle and tropical beaches.

That’s why we’ve compiled for you some of the best destinations that will satisfy all the travel junkies looking for an element of relaxation with a touch of adventure. Because you know what? Many call Costa Rica the land of adventure.. and we couldn’t find a better word to describe the magical country. However, Costa Rica has something for everyone, and that’s the beauty of it!

Visit the Teatro Nacional

For those who have a thing for arts and value good melodic musical notes, this should be one of your very first destinations on your map. Located in the central section of San José, this elegant theater has been a source of pride since 1897. Teatro Nacional boasts several high-quality performances a week, as well as serves as an excellent tourist attraction. Tourists can enjoy themselves admiring the cultural asset of the country, as well as having a blast listening to an international orchestra.

La Fortuna’s Volcano and Waterfall

La Fortuna de San Carlos is undoubtedly one of Costa Rica’s most talked-about destinations. It entrenches some of the best activities there are to take part in, ones you won’t easily find available in other places. “La Fortuna” means “fortune” or “lucky” in Spanish. Some myths state that the city’s name came from the fact that it’s close to the renowned Arenal Volcano.

La Fortuna is house to a number of attraction sites. The town is centered on a mesmerizing park of colorful gardens, and in the streets surrounding the central park, lie many restaurants, hotels, and shops. “The main star, Arenal Volcano, provides the backdrop and can be seen from almost every vantage point.”

Thanks to the Volcano’s thermal energy, you can always guarantee a warm dip in La Fortuna’s rivers and waterfall pools and enjoy the pristine shoreline, as you sip on an ice-cold smoothie of your choice!

Get to know the wildlife in Neo Fauna CR

Animal lovers here? Well, if you consider yourself one, you’d be delighted to know that Neofauna is a conservationist project dedicated to the preservation and reproduction of endangered species. Paying a visit to Neo Fauna CR will guarantee you an up-close encounter with Costa Rica’s most exotic mammals, reptiles, and insects. The center also serves as a safe refuge for wounded and sick wild animals to heal and be safely released into the wild.

Also, since the mini zoo is tucked away in the wilderness, there’s a waterfall there that you can enjoy looking at or swimming in. Feel like holding a frog or watching butterflies hatch with a pool-time possibility? You know where to head to now!

Jazz on high beats at Circoloco for the first time

Circoloco is amongst the most iconic music brands in the world. Basically, it’s a dance party that is held at the DC10 nightclub in Ibiza, as well as other various locations globally. Circoloco’s after-parties feature musical artists from the genre of electronic music, house music, and techno.

If you’re into this type of music genre and are planning to pay Costa Rica a visit in 2022, you know you can’t miss the chance of attending a Circoloco party. The beach of Costa Rica will be hosting the giant of Ibiza for the first time on Jan 14, 2022, in the paradisiacal Guanacaste.

Have an unmatched summer in the province of Guanacaste

Guanacaste is one of the most popular provinces in Costa Rica, widely referred to as a tropical paradise and a “Gold coast”. Indeed it is, with all its high-end hotels, secluded beaches, beautiful mountains adorned by waterfalls, national parks, and volcanoes comprising the area. You can get to experience the wildlife, as well as watch the sunsets slowly hugging the pure bodies of water, and sit amid fresh vegetation, all in the same place!

Arenal Hanging Bridges and Zip Lining

Want to get yourself an action-filled ziplining experience? There’s no better place to do that than at Costa Rica’s La Fortuna. Speaking of this place earlier, La Fortuna isn’t limited to only beautiful waterfalls and volcanoes, but also a magical backdrop! Hold on as you ride along a steel cable that exhibits spectacular sceneries!

If this activity is too much for you, hanging bridges would be a less scary start to the adventure you’re about to embark upon in Costa Rica. La Fortuna, too, has Arenal hanging bridges that you can walk through in awe.

Samara Beach

According to numerous reviews of visitors, Samara beach is perfect for surfing beginners. Great waves for surfing with outdoor craft markets and stores. It’s not only for surfing though, but you can also pack for a fabulous beach time; basking in the sunshine at Samara beach, letting mother nature take care of your body!

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