Was Yesterday’s Egypt/Congo Match a One-Man Show?

Yesterday, Egypt qualified to participate in the World Cup for the first time since 1990! This event was marked as a historical breakthrough in the field of sports. Egyptians took to the streets to celebrate and the festive vibes were literally everywhere.


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The timeline in every single social media platform was buzzing with congratulations posts! However, there was a pattern that may seem a bit unfair. Everyone is glorifying Mo, which he totally deserves, but in the process, they ignored the rest of the team. Salah, indeed, scored the two goals of the match; one of them during the most critical moment ever; a penalty kick in the very last minute of the match.


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But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to totally ignore the rest of the team. People like Essam El Hadary who is going to be one of the oldest — if not the oldest player — to ever participate in the World Cup; Fathy, Hegazy, Hamed, Trezeguet, Abdallah, and others who performed like champions yesterday.


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The entire team were superb last night, and every single one of them deserves recognition and gratitude.



WE SAID THIS: Not all heroes wear capes.