Why the World Needs to Do Math the Same Way Ancient Egyptians Did

Via History
Via History


A book published in 2014 by Princeton University Press teaches us how Ancient Egyptians used to do their math. Its author David Reimer was invited by Fox News to teach the basics of their methods to host Tracy Byrnes, and if she understood, we definitely all can. In fact according to their interview (that you can watch here) Ancient Egyptian methods certainly sound much more playful, more fun, and easier than any other methods.



When it took years of school curriculum to teach us things like multiplication tables and charts or divisions, the Ancient Egyptians’ technique can be understood in two minutes and does the job. As David Reimer says, for Ancient Egyptians, “when you know how to add, you know how to double, once you know how to double you know how to multiply and once you know how to multiply, you know how to divide”.



WE SAID THIS: So maybe it’s time for the world to change their methods and go back to what those Ancient Egyptian mathematician geniuses did.