This Canadian Brand Just Encouraged Diversity in the Coolest Way

Via Molson Canadian


Amidst world politics that made millions feel worthless, homeless and hopeless, Canada takes it one step further with diversity. The Molson Coors Brewing Company is a multinational brewing company, formed in 2005, and it is the world’s seventh largest brewer by volume. The company just moved people to tears with their latest ad, showing us what universal acceptance is all about.


Ever since Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party won the Canadian general election in October 2015 in a conclusive victory, it ceased to surprise us when Canadians show us tolerance like we’ve never seen before. A partnership between Google and Canadian beer company Molson has resulted in a political statement called the Global Beer Fridge. Wherever you are from, no matter which language you speak, it will serve you.



Watch the beautiful ad below:



WE SAID THIS: Watch and learn, Mr.Trump.