With the Participation of 450 Riders, Il Bosco Galala Challenge Takes you on a Mountainous Journey!

Emerging from Misr Italia Properties’ keenness in encouraging its clients to practice sports for their mental health and wellbeing for a balanced life, and out of the company’s ultimate support to the government’s call for raising awareness towards health and wellness, under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Misr Italia Properties brings you the long-anticipated 5th edition of the Il Bosco Galala Challenge, in collaboration with Javelin Sports Club, alongside Power Ride. Held on October 22nd, this challenge is known to be one for the mind, body, and soul.

Being the biggest and most reputable cycling event to take place throughout Egypt, IL Bosco Galala Challenge started from the Cairo/Sokhna gate. The ride’s route took place along Cairo Sokhna Road, Galala Road, and ended at the glorious mountains of Galala city. Given the 145 km distance, in addition to the 1000 M height going up the mountain, the cyclists surely needed nothing else but an ecstatic panoramic view where they can rest their weary legs, and allow their mind to reflect on the journey. As for the challenge itself, it was split up into two categories; a 90 km route that started from the Cairo/Sokhna Gate to the Galala City toll station, and an extended 145 km route that continued towards the Galala Mountain, with 1000 m of elevations.

The participation had 450 riders, most of whom are in the age group between 18-50 years, with 27% of the total participants represented by women. Athletes from all walks of life within the sports communities in Egypt joined along in the event, and others who may not be necessarily athletic were encouraged to participate, be it for fitness reasons, a joyous journey, or simply for some exciting camaraderie as they partook in a strenuous yet rewarding journey together.

With the second challenge finishing off at the top of Galala Mountain, the participants were soaked in the alluring spectacle of the Red Sea of Sokhna, as its waters stretch out, boasting its overwhelming might and beauty. And we’re not done yet! After this challenging journey of sweat and endurance, the event ended with a bang at Il Bosco in the heart of The New Capital, as surprises within the project awaited the participants.

20% of the proceeds was donated to the “Educate Me” Foundation by Misr Italia Properties for the benefit of children’s education who are in need, due to the great effort of “Educate Me” Foundation on changing the concept of education in Egypt by helping children who are in most need for education.

It’s worth mentioning that Misr Italia Properties is establishing a club within its major real estate projects, Il Bosco – New Capital, which will include the Javelin Sports Club (currently under construction), with an area of 3.8 feddan, which reflects the sports concept at Misr Italia, especially since the club overlooks IL BOSCO Vertical Forest and wonderful gardens that the project is characterized with, which is a very active area located in the heart of the project.

Javelin will be considered a sports hub for residents to enjoy various sports activities throughout the day; such as football, swimming or participating in fitness sessions, in addition to large areas for picnics. This will give the residents the opportunity to constantly breathe fresh air amid nature’s beautiful scenery surrounding them, in addition to the club’s plan to participate in various sports events during the period of the club’s establishment in support of sports being an essential part of life.

WE SAID THIS: Here’s to a future of wellness! Keep on riding!