Win Loads of Prizes with Easy Taxi this NYE

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.28.09 PM

Coptic Santa Claus is not coming to town, but you know who is? Easy Taxi! Why should you get excited, you say? Well, this NYE Easy Taxi are going oh-so generous on us as they’ve got a few select taxis of their tonight to have prizes for y’all. When we say prizes, we mean PRIZES! As in smart phones, vouchers and free rides.

Men el akher, do not use your cars, don’t get a taxi from the street, ONLY USE EASY TAXI WE TELL YOU, OKAY?!?! YOU MIGHT WIN A FREAKIN’ SMART PHONE! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, YA3NY! Okay, we’ll chill now, we just really want you to have a happy new year, and Easy Taxi has guaranteed that.


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