You Will Never Use Cairo Public Restrooms After Reading This Story

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest


We were thrown back reading this post by Facebook user Marie-France Lakah about Paul’s ladies’ room in Korba’s branch. Apparently an Egyptian woman found a mobile phone filming women as they use the ladies room.



We contacted Paul’s branch manager for updates where he confirmed the incident and told us the janitor is being held in custody for questioning by the prosecution.


Many Korba dwellers who go there just to hang out at Aswan or Borssa cafe, use Paul’s restrooms for their convenience. That’s because they’re located right in the middle of Korba and they’re not actually located in the cafe itself, but right next to it, so you don’t have to get inside Paul to be able to use them. Always make sure to scan restrooms or fitting rooms for cameras or mobile phones; the world is not as safe and friendly as it looks.



WE SAID THIS: We hope the law takes its course and justice be served. 


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