Why Moving On Isn’t Always An Easy Option?

Moving on is never easy, no matter what the circumstances are. When we are forced to make this decision, we frequently feel overwhelmed and we become so engrossed in our emotions that we lose sight of the repercussions. These ramifications cause us to be wary where continuing on can foster suicidal thoughts. Especially if you’re the type of person who’s continuously sympathetic towards others, but is lacking emotional attention. Moving on is sometimes the only way to find genuine inner peace. Whether it’s from a toxic friendship, romantic relationship, or even a career. Here are some of those relationships and why it can be so difficult to move on from them.


Following a breakup, moving on may seem impossible, especially if you were the partner that always gave without waiting for something in return. However, If this relationship has only brought you sadness, then breaking up is the correct thing to do, regardless of the repercussions. Unfortunately, we tend to focus primarily on the implications of a breakup without thinking how much clarity we’ll gain once the storm passes.

It is true that moving on is difficult, but, life does go on. With or without those people. Sometimes it is better to move forward without the people that drag you down and add negativity into your life. Even if it’s difficult at the beginning because you could only see the positive side to them. Eventually, you’ll start to realize that you’re better off without them.

It is critical that we focus on ourselves and on our needs; that’s why, after you’ve determined that you’ve hit your limit in this relationship, moving on is always the best option.

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Friendships are similar to breakups in the sense that we think of them in terms of how the more friends we lose, the more lonely we will get. This is not the case, as our friends have responsibilities and obligations in our life. They come into our circle of trust with one goal in mind: to accept us regardless of our beliefs. Is this to say that tolerating one another is required even if one of the two parties is toxic? Absolutely not.

When a toxic friend reveals their true colors, the greatest approach to change and transition from a toxic life to a happy and healthy one is to sever this friendship and move on. Whether or not this person is worth a lot of memories is irrelevant. This is not the case because, while we become consumed in our emotions, we must consider the benefits to ourselves. In return, this is key not just for inner peace, but also for personal progress, and making new acquaintances.


Question of what career should we pursue throughout our lives is a constant in career-minded people’s thoughts. What is our life’s ultimate objective, and how might we reach it through work? Our jobs are highly important in our lives because they provide us with opportunities to gain new skills, a steady income, and an opportunity to create something lasting that we can leave behind. A purpose! But what if our careers or our jobs are causing us mental instability and wreaking havoc on our mental health on a daily basis? Isn’t it better to look for a new job instead?

While it may appear to be the most terrifying prospect to abandon the job you know and find another one, even though it would be better in terms of comfort and appreciation; in this case, leaving a job is well worth the risk.

Finally, while it may seem hard at times, moving on is a vital step in ending any negative experiences and starting a clean slate that is filled with positive energy.

WE SAID THIS: Moving on is never easy, but it is sometimes necessary!