Why I Refuse To Recognize International Women’s Day



Because is there International Men’s Day?!


No there isn’t, so here we are celebrating women as if they are second class human beings who need a day to be celebrated. Just one day!

No, I’m not a feminist – quite the contrary, actually; I like for a guy to take care of me and spoil me. I’m a sucker when it comes to getting presents on V-day and when he remembers our anniversary without having to remind him, when he takes me out for dinner and insists on paying… but that does not mean I need a day to be glorified!


I, like any other man, run four separate companies (actually, most men I know don’t even do that).

I, like every other man, employ a team of smart individuals who make these businesses run and go to my office on the daily to manage them.

I, like every other man, am self sufficient and I need no one else to finance me.

I, like every other man, when I get a flat tire am able to sort myself out and get it changed.

I, like every other man, can sit in a room filled with strong-willed men and command it.




The list can go on and on, but when we degrade the role of the woman to just one day in the year in which we can celebrate her achievements – it’s demeaning. These women are our mothers, sisters, wives, friends, etc… They do extraordinary things on a daily – no I’m not just talking about childbirth (which we all know is a bitch) – but juggling work with family, friends and children. A feat most men couldn’t do even if they tried!

These women are able to go to their 9-to-5 job, while making sure their children are at school on time, get back home before their husbands are to make sure dinner is on the table, then get their children changed and bathed and ready to go to bed after doing their homework. These are women who command boardrooms and their homes and I applaud them!

I refuse to just recognize my fellow women one day of the year. I applaud you every day for holding your head high in a region that sees us as second class citizens. I applaud you for working hard in the face of all hurdles you may face, even if you are “just” a stay-at-home mom (we all know that is a full-time job in and of itself) – I APPLAUD ALL OF YOU!



WE SAID THIS: AND we get our periods every month!!