Why Galleria40 is Cairo’s Hottest Destination This Summer

Cairo is the largest metropolis in the Arab World that surely manages to excite and inspire even the most seasoned travellers. Cairo is offering plenty of luxurious brands and hosts some of the best food and beverage outings in the region. Most of the Gulf travellers choose the capital’s luxury complexes as their main shopping destinations. Galleria40 in Sheikh Zayed, in fact, is one of the leading attractions in Cairo; offering a fascinating mix of shopping and dining experiences, with unique, rich, and lively atmospheres. At Galleria40 you can find your favourite Egyptian celebrities having the best time there. It’s definitely the IN place where you not only buy gifts but you can literally find everything you want. 

The leisure complex offers a diverse range of restaurants and cafes such as Ovio, Gaby’s, Dara’s Ice Cream, and Good Stuff Eatery. On top of that, there is a special selection of shops, and culture lab activities like Art Cafe; which is basically the perfect place for those of you who genuinely want to practice and appreciate art. This place offers a wide range of workshops, courses and classes in fine arts as well as applied arts for both kids and adults.

You can also check out Galleria40’s Art Mania; it’s a music learning centre that provides classes taught by the most talented and well-educated music teachers. This place offers music lessons and its own equipped studio for jamming as well as rehearsals. And finally, we have Slimnastics Studio; which is basically an aerobics studio with integrated fitness classes that you can’t find elsewhere. The venue is friendly for a perfect mommy and kids day-out.

Not to mention of course our favourite Bar and Grill The Tap West, providing an unforgettable nightlife experience for its visitors. Galleria40 also hosts numerous seasonal events like; Ramadan tents, Home Deco, Jewels Exhibitions, as well as Art Exhibitions that you’d definitely enjoy.

The luxurious complex didn’t forget to satisfy the hip and stylish ladies out there by offering a five star treatment and a first class hair experience at Nail Lounge and Toi Beauty Salon.

Overall, Galleria40 is Cairo’s premium high-end and mixed-use leisure hub. It brings you the best in fine dining, cafes, nightlife experiences, the world’s most famous brands, as well as being an extraordinary cultural centre. You’ll find travellers and visitors from all over the world enjoying the radiance of what the place has to offer, making your summer worth remembering.

We’re very pleased to witness how Egypt is emerging from a period of overregulation that hindered the county’s offerings and competitiveness. Egypt is now living a major retail renaissance thanks to the significant economic liberalizations taking place; providing optimism to enhance Egypt’s image in the international community.

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