Why Did Ahmed El Fishawy Just Get Sentenced to Prison?

Via Egypt Today

Being the center of the headlines is not new for the popular actor, but this time it’s for legal issues. According to several sources, The Dokki Misdemeanor Court sentenced the superstar to a one-year prison sentence.

The sentence included a bail of EGP2,000 and a fine of EGP500. The sentence was a result of Fishawy not providing for his daughter’s expenses. Fishawy is obliged to pay a compensation of LE 20,000 and L.E 50,000 for attorneys and other expenses.

Fishawy, his ex-wife Hend al-Hennawy, and his daughter Lina have been engaged in court disputes since 2005. According to a statement from Hend’s lawyer, The Khalifa Family Court previously sentenced Fishawy to one month in jail in August 2019 for refusing to pay EGP234,600 in alimony for his daughter.

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