Who’s the Beauty Playing Yasmine Sabry’s Mother in “Hekayti” This Ramadan?

I have watched five Highly-anticipated TV series so far and I find myself extremely drawn to Hekayti. It is most probably the only love story being told this Ramadan. Most of the shows are taking a dark turn this year with obvious thriller scenes that we have witnessed in the first episodes. So, obviously, hopeless romantics will be watching Yasmine Sabry struggle with family and love all month long.

The episode starts with the police interrogating Dalida – played by Sabry- after a hit and run incident. Dalida thinks her family is trying to kill her and starts to narrate how it all began. However, the plot isn’t what people are talking about today. Everyone I know is asking about that stunner who plays Yasmine Sabry’s mom. Sophia – played by Sarah El-Tonsi – has been nothing but a French-speaking graceful, elegant and stunning actress.

With a gorgeous simple face and a toned figure, everyone is wondering where El-Tonsi was all this time?

Via Sarah El-Tonsi
Via Sarah El-Tonsi

Sophia is none other than Tunisian Miss Arab World 2017. Don’t be deceived by her pageant title, she’s, in fact, a journalist and TV presenter as well. El-Tonsie might look familiar from her role in the Egyptian movie, Karma, as Jilan. It is reported that the beauty queen was discovered by the director, Khaled Youssef, and was cast as Jilan in the movie as her acting debut.

We want more of Sarah El-Tonsie. This kind of vintage beauty and grace is what we all need right now.

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