Who Is Nadine Moussa? And Will Lebanon Have Its First Female President?

In 2014, an ambitious Lebanese woman named Nadine Moussa, decided to confidently run for the presidency and challenge the male-dominated society, in an effort to change Lebanon’s presidential electoral process into a democratic one. With a vision, program, and optimistic promises, she asked for an open discussion of her presidential program within the parliament so people would know who they’re voting for, and what they stand for. But, as expected, her request was denied. As Lebanon’s upcoming elections are set for 2022, she was asked if she plans on running for presidency again.

“When I ran for the presidency in 2014, it was for me an everyday battle with several objectives. First, my candidacy aimed to challenge norms and mechanisms, change habits and mentalities, and inspire others to create a better world free of discrimination,” said Moussa in an interview with Lebanon’s leading English news and media site, The961.

Stemming from her belief that Lebanon needs radical change, she is forming a new Lebanese broadcasting company, TV 17, with its name derived from the October 17 revolution. “There is a need for an independent source of information and an alternative to the present system of oligarch-owned television channels has become a national priority,” she explained.

In her recent conference organized by the Lebanese Swiss Association, Nadine Moussa proposed sanctioning corrupt Lebanese public figures and freezing their assets abroad, and called for the establishment of a temporary United Nations Trusteeship Council for Lebanon. This council will address hunger, prepare for a transparent election process, rebuild the government and its institutions, and end impunity enjoyed by Lebanese judges.

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